Dear Frantic Incoming Freshmen,

If you’re an incoming freshmen, like me, a priority right now is probably finding a roommate. You're visualizing the perfect color-coordinated dorm room, and fantasizing about all of the fantastic experiences you will share with your new best friend and roomie. But before you can have all of these experiences, you must FIND a roommate.

If you are spinning the roulette wheel and allowing your university to randomly choose your roommate, I applaud your brave approach. You are saving yourself the agony and aggravation that comes along with a roommate search. Personally I have terrible luck, so I decided to try and find a roommate myself.

This treacherous expedition for a roommate is comparable to a speed dating experience. It's overwhelming trying to learn so much about a complete stranger in such a short time frame. In late March to early April, everyone is frantically trying to meet the deadline put in place by housing to submit a choice for a roommate. This increases the stress tremendously.

There are many websites that guarantee a roommate for a small cost, but I have found that checking out the Facebook page for the upcoming freshmen is the best suggestion for getting a true look at who you will be living with your first year.  Although most of the posts tend to be repetitive, for example love Netflix, very studious but knows how to have a fun time, etc. if you dig a little deeper a truer picture will emerge. It may take a while but in the long run, but you will be thankful you didn’t waste money on a roommate matching website.  After all, when you've moved in together, if you don't like the roommate the service matched you with what's your recourse? You have none and you won't get your money back.   The Facebook page also makes everything more personable, since it displays what your future roomie is presenting to her friends and family as well.  Photos speak volumes.

Whichever path you choose in finding a roommate, you need to understand that more than likely, you probably won’t be the best of friends. That’s okay! You just need to find someone who is tolerable and you will able to enjoy your first year of college with.

Hope this helps!