Dorm Decor Items Perfect for your Freshman Year

by: Kayleigh Mincer

Freshman year can be a pain. Stressing about your dorm on top of all of that just isn't fun; luckily, Dorm Decor is a one-stop site to fit ALL of your dorm room needs– from bedding to acrylic tubs for cotton balls, we have it all! Here is a list of essentials for your freshman year:

1. Velvet Headboard Pillows 

Seriously, the best invention ever. These velvet headboard pillows are the greatest way to stay comfortable while you study. Being able to prop yourself up in the perfect position while you study or do homework makes these a great purchase!

2. Pouf Ottomans

If you're short like me, you will constantly need a way to prop yourself up on to those lofted beds. Yet, you don't want to take up tons of space by using a ladder/step-stool in your room. Dorm Decor's pouf ottomans are perfect for this purpose! The pouf ottoman is designed to be a cushion for comfort but can double up as a stepping stool to make it up to your lofted bed in the dorm room! These come in all colors to match all dorm rooms and can also be monogrammed!

3. Chandelier 

The Dorm Decor chandelier is awesome, because it adds a super girly spice to your room while giving you soft lighting that won't wake up your roommate. That's a win.

4. Room Fragrances 

Let's face it, without our parents telling us to constantly clean up, sometimes the laundry piles up and the windows go months without being dusted in college, causing a slight odor...yuck. This is where Dorm Decor room fragrancescome in. These fragrances come in many forms, including sprays, diffusers, and drawer liners–causing your room to smell extra clean even on those days you forget to take out the trash!

5. Power Cords

These are a life saver! Being in college, you don't realize how often you need a plug outlet; with the power cords, you are able to plug multiple electric devices into one outlet, saving tons of space and frustration!