Mary Poppin's Bag of Rush Remedies

So… you have picked your college and you are preparing to begin this new chapter in your life… and now, you have decided to join the Greek system at your university/college. Although there are many ways to receive a bid throughout the year, most freshman/sophomore girls go through formal fall recruitment. This includes many days of running to different houses and doing many different things… These days can get long, hectic, and very stressful, especially when you have to walk all day in heels or your dress rips right before you go into the next house!

Mary Poppin’s bag always had a remedy, so to help you avoid the little stress moments the week may bring, we suggest you carry a bag of tools around with you! Our Classic Stripe Totes are perfect for holding all the goods and gadgets, listed below, that you may need this crazy busy week…

1. Mints: NOT gum… Mints!!! It is so important to have a fresh breath while chit chatting with ladies all day! Be sure to pop in a mint in between parties.
2. Lip Gloss/Lip Stick/Chapstick: Lots of talking can lead to your lip stick wearing off or you getting chapped lips. Leave one of these in your bags so that you look fresh and ready at every house!
3. A small compact mirror: For the minor touch ups!
4. Pain Relievers: Walking long distances in heels can cause for some back pain or the loud door songs might bring on a head ache…
5. Flip Flops: I think you get the idea
6. Hairband and bobby pins: to keep you hair out of your face or off your neck on the really hot days!
7. Note pad and pen: Every time you leave a party, whip out your note pad and write down the names of the girls you met and something to help you remember who they are! This also gives you the opportunity to make notes about each sorority you visit to think about later that night!
8. A hand-held fan: You can grab one of these at target or the dollar store… It’ll be hot and you will thank us later for this one.
9. A small sewing kit: We know this sounds extreme, but you never know when a zipper might break or you snag a hole in your dress.
10.A water bottle: Don’t use this at the houses, but while you walk to different parties, make sure to rehydrate yourself!
11. Band aids: Heels + Long Distances = Blisters
12. Small rag or blotting towels: To help manage the sweat!
13. Feminine products: If you don’t need them, someone else might!
14. Instant Stain Remover: Tide Sticks work well!
15. An open mind: This is an exciting time, where you get to meet your potential best friends, sisters, and maybe even your future bridesmaids!!! So make sure to ask lots of questions and really get to know each house! Try not to make any expectations going in, so that you end up having the time of your life!
The Dorm-Decor family wishes you the best of luck during recruitment! Don’t forget to grab your very own Classic Stripe Tote under graduation gifts to fill with your tools! And after you accept your bid, you can easily add your letters!
Happy Recruitment!