The Big Gray Magnet Multi-tasker!

Freshman year brings about many BIG things, but one thing you can count on being small is your dorm room! Many campuses are now offering suite style dorms, providing students with their own room and living space, as opposed to the traditional shared dorm room! But don't let the suite style fool ya, these rooms are also small! So whether you are living in your own room, or sharing yours with a roommate, maximizing space and storage is a must!!!!

Problem 1:
Many students bring pictures of their family and friends to help with the home sickness! But then new events happen and more pictures join the collection and you are running out of space in your dorm room!

Problem 2:
College brings many opportunities to "girl-up" as I call it! (a.k.a. Put on your favorite dress, play with your make up, throw on that groovy red lipstick, step into your favorite shoes, and make memories) and that, my girlfraannds, takes a lot of tools! But when you have 50 shades of eyeshadow, and 10 different shades of lipstick, soon enough your make up will be all up in your business... and probably in your roommate's too!
What ever will you do?!?!

Grab our multi-tasking Big Gray Magnet Board, some of our funky magnets, and make a quick trip to the dollar store!
The Big Gray Magnet Board has a sleek look that will match any room, and better yet, it can be what ever you need it to be!

With our enamel button, jute flower, or ribbon flower magnet, you can easily show off your favorite pictures and interchange them in a jiffy when you are ready to brag about something new! It's a lot easier than changing out frames every couple of weeks!!

Now... About that trip to the Dollar Store...
Go to your local store and pick up a few packs of little magnets!
Next, glue a magnet to the back of each eyeshadow, powder, lipstick, etc. I have seen people use super glue, mostly because it will be "Super" stuck on your make-up! For this reason, I use a hot glue gun, because it's easy to remove the magnets if you need to refill your make-up, or want to move on to a new product! The Big Gray Magnet Board will be able to hold all of your make-up and many pictures! I always put pictures of my family members and close friends on the magnet board so I can see their bright and shining faces while I make my face a little more bright and shining as well!

Another little DIY you can do to add on to your Multitasking Board, is one that will hold your brushes, bobby pins, or q-tips!
Take any old prescription bottles and paint them a color of your choice. After letting them dry, glue on 4 or 5 magnets to the back and viola!! You now have a
Full functioning-photo frame-makeup holding-supplies carrying-Big Gray Magnet Board! {Say that 5 times fast}

Your Dorm-Decor Divas hope this little DIY does wonders for you! Check back in a few days for more organization tips or other posts that will help you survive this new chapter!
Happy Shopping!