The Dorm Decor Cubby You Can't Forget About

We know you've heard about our patent-pending Dorm Decor Desk Cubbies, which offer the most in vertical storage for your dorm; and the Dorm Decor Nighstand Cubby, which is tall enough to be the perfect nightstand for your dorm bed. But have you heard of the Dorm Decor Bed Rail Cubby?



This cubby is perfect for those dorm rooms with high bed posts, or for those that wish to loft their beds higher than the standard dorm bed height. No more climbing up or down to reach your cell phone, water, or notebook! 




The Bed Rail Cubby also works in conjunction with our PowerCube, so you can charge all your electronics with ease while storing them in a safe place. 



Dorm Decor Bed Rail Cubbies also come in our four classic finishes, so there's sure to be a cubby that will go with your dorm room style! Click here to shop the Dorm Decor Bed Rail Cubby now!