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Desk Cubby Light

- $ 38.00

Desk Cubby Light

$ 38.00

This ultra slim 13 watt fluorescent desk cubby light is equivalent to a 60 watt bulb. It delivers the latest in low-profile, high-output under cabinet lighting. Featuring a solid state electronic ballast and straight connections for long, shadow-free runs. Includes a cool white T5 bulb

Measurements: 22 1/2-inches wide., 1 3/4-inches deep. 1-inches long
White finish.
Simple, instant plug-in electrical connection.
Includes velcro tabs for easy mounting, or if you prefer, screws and mounting plate.

UL and CL listed.

This item will be shipped directly to your home. It will not be delivered to your school so you can decide exactly where you would like your light mounted.


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