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Our Story

Alison Gorrie and Kate Phillips share a years-long friendship and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Alison started out as an interior designer and eventually started a home accessories business manufacturing custom pillows and hand towels. Kate has worked as a professional event planner, fund raiser, and volunteer, among other pursuits.

Alison and Kate connected over their daughters’ friendship and their own drive for creativity and business.

The early idea for Dorm Decor was born out of a need for extra storage. Alison’s daughter was going off to college, and Alison had a bed and desk cubby built. She gave the plans to Kate so that she could also have one built for her daughter. Kate’s son built the pieces for her, which sparked an idea to build several to sell. The concept took off, and the Dorm Cubby was born. Kate and her son sold them online for several years, and Kate ran the business end of the operation. In 2014, photos of the Dorm Cubby went viral on Pinterest. Kate’s son was still in college and decided that he wanted to pursue other interests. Kate asked Alison if she wanted to partner and take the company to the next level.

Enter Dorm Decor, LLC. The cubbies were redesigned to include unique finishes and shipping ease. The Dorm Cubby changed the way storage could look in the modern dorm room, and it currently has a patent pending. Bedding and accessories were curated with refined campus living as the intention.

Alison and Kate are thrilled to be a part of helping you have the dorm room of your dreams. They enjoy working with high school and college students, and they also have a passion for employing women and manufacturing in the South.

Dorm Decor strives to meet the needs of students and parents by providing top quality products, functionality, unique styling and custom options.