9 Reasons Why Decorating Your Dorm Room Matters

For most college students, your dorm room will be the first place you’ve lived that wasn’t owned by your parents. This is dorm room will serve as your home for part or even all of your time at college. Some cynical students may wonder if it’s worth decorating a dorm room at all. Yes, you can’t paint the walls or bring your huge snake aquarium, but that doesn’t mean you can’t infuse your room with personality! Here are 9 reasons why you should consider putting in the effort to decorate your dorm room:

  1. Show pride of ownership. You may not actually own your dorm room, but you can emotionally own it by making it reflect you.

  2. Give your room personality. Unless you’re a monk, you don’t want to come home to a bland, generic room each day. Decorating your room allows you to showcase your unique personality. One great way to really “stamp” your initials on your room is to literally hang your initials with a fun wall monogram..

  3. Pick out your colors. We all have favorite colors and shades that make us happy and content when we see them. Now you have a chance to pick sheets, a comforter, curtains, furniture, and even a floor rug in your favorite hues. Check out all our different dorm room collections, which come in a wide variety of colors.

  4. Create the environment you want. Decorations don’t just fill up space. They create an environment, from fun and whimsical to relaxing and calming. Give your room a feel with the right type of decorations, like this calming room diffuser that smells like rain.

  5. Make it comfortable. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your dorm room, so choose decor that keeps you nice and cozy as you nestle in to write a paper or grab some shuteye before that big test. For example, these super warm throws will keep you snug as you read some Shakespeare or catch up on Dancing with the Stars during a study break.

  6. Give your friends a reason to come over. Making great friends is one of the best parts of college. Turn your dorm room into the hangout capital of the floor or the whole dorm building with fun decor and cool furniture, like these sleek chairs that work for a desk or extra seating during movie night.

  7. Remember home. A little homesickness is completely normal when you arrive at college, especially during those first few weeks. Don’t leave it all behind. Decorate your room with personal momentous from your bedroom and put up plenty of pictures of the family and friends who are so proud of you. Many of our customers love this hang up photo display  

  8. Don’t let your roommate have all the fun. If you don’t decorate your dorm room, your roommate will! If you want to have any say in the matter, make sure to be part of the conversation.

  9. Shopping for decor is fun! Maybe it’s just us, be we think shopping to decorate your very first place is super fun. Here is your chance to spread your decorating wings and fly!

Ready to start shopping for your dorm decor? That’s literally our name! Shop at the place where everything on offer is carefully designed and selected just for college dorm rooms. Turn your dorm room into your college home today!