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WE CUT A DORM MATTRESS IN HALF! Posted on 10 Jan 23:26


Dorm Decor cuts a dorm matress in half to show you what you have been or will be sleeping on!! If you want a super plush, comfy cozy dorm bed watch this video!     Continue Reading



How to Survivie Move-in Day Posted on 26 Apr 11:12

How to Survivie Move-in Day

by: Campus Rep Kayleigh Mincer As an incoming freshman, I'm excited to say that I cannot wait until move-in day! I look forward to starting the newest chapter of my life with the girls I'll be spending the next four years with and finally opening the doors to my future. Move-in day is the most anticipated and exciting day of senior year. Move-in can be the most nerve-wracking, exciting and overwhelming day ever. Luckily, I'm sure the outcome will be totally worth it. All the back-and-forth trips to Target, the awkward "hi my name is," and the hovering parents that never...Continue Reading

Finding the Perfect Roommate Posted on 25 Apr 11:24

Finding the Perfect Roommate

by: Kayleigh Mincer My favorite part of getting admitted to the school of my dreams was figuring out who my new roommate(s) would be. You are so excited to finally get into college and the second you have a time to breathe, you realize that you are going to need to find someone to share a whole year of your life with. All I could think about during this process was who could possibly share the same interests of binge-watching Gossip Girl or eating chicken wings until I can't move. However, during this peaceful thought process, you try your best...Continue Reading

Dealing with College Rejection Posted on 11 Mar 11:26

Dealing with College Rejection

by Campus Rep: Kayleigh Mincer Even as a freshman in high school, the college admission/application process fascinated me. I couldn't wait to start the process. It seemed "fun" to me. It seemed so crazy that in four years I would get to pick my dream college, earn scholarships, and live happily ever after. And WOW! Was I wrong... I'll never regret receiving my first college rejection letter from the University of Georgia in the Winter of my senior year. A copious amounts of emotions came over me, including anger and discouragement. I had worked my hardest in high school, and...Continue Reading

Dorm Life Hacks Posted on 11 Mar 11:25

Dorm Life Hacks

1. Mug Meals Enough said. 2. Microwave = Health Foods? You can cook a ton of different vegetables using just a microwave along with a baked potato! No oven or stove? Not a problem anymore. Want to eat healthy in a dorm? Turns out microwaves are your friend. 3. Paper Bag Popcorn All you need are popcorn seeds and a brown paper bag. You decide your toppings! You can buy in bulk and you can control what is on the popcorn, meaning this snack can be healthy! Mix it up with some nuts, chocolate chips, spices, and herbs! 4. Subscription Snack...Continue Reading

Dorm Decor Items Perfect for your Freshman Year Posted on 10 Mar 11:27

Dorm Decor Items Perfect for your Freshman Year

by: Kayleigh Mincer Freshman year can be a pain. Stressing about your dorm on top of all of that just isn't fun; luckily, Dorm Decor is a one-stop site to fit ALL of your dorm room needs– from bedding to acrylic tubs for cotton balls, we have it all! Here is a list of essentials for your freshman year: 1. Headboard Pillows  Seriously, the best invention ever. These headboard pillows are the greatest way to stay comfortable while you study. Being able to prop yourself up in the perfect position while you study or do homework makes these a great purchase! 2....Continue Reading

Featured on Odyssey this Week! Posted on 09 Mar 11:28

Featured on Odyssey this Week!

Dorm Decor is thrilled to be featured on Odyssey this week! The feature includes Dorm Decor Campus Rep Megan Brooke Dellinger's article on must-have items for your dorm room. From cubbies to accessories and organizational products, you will find the guide to dorm room decorating here. Check it out >>>>! Continue Reading

Freshman Year Dorm Essentials Posted on 03 Mar 11:29

Freshman Year Dorm Essentials

by Kayleigh Mincer If you are anything like me (and I do mean a crazy over-thinker/pre-planner) you spent your entire senior year searching Pinterest high and low for ''cute dorm ideas'', ''small bedroom decoration'', and ''what to pack for college.'' Though those checklists are extremely beneficial, most of the items on that list are not crucial for your dorm room. Here is a list of items you will ACTUALLY need to bring to your dorm this coming fall!1. The longest iPhone charging cable you can find. Dorm-Decor carries power cords that can extend up to TEN FEET long! In this...Continue Reading

Everything a High School Senior Must Do Posted on 26 Feb 11:30

Everything a High School Senior Must Do

by: Kayleigh Mincer I am not the biggest lover of change, but I am a lover of routine and uniformity. My place of comfort is not  a place, but instead, being around those whom I love. The thought of leaving the state and everything I've known for 18 years and going off to college in six short months absolutely terrifies me. Knowing my comfort bubble will be popped makes me want to stay at home and not leave. I will no longer be surrounded by my family; the relationships that I had with my friends will be a phone call...Continue Reading