College Survival Kit

Surviving college can be challenging, but never fear Dorm Decor is here to help!
Head to our dorm accessories section and pick out a Swap Box or Large Custom Bin to match the rest of your room and start filling it up with the things below… You might read some of these and think… I am NEVER going to need this, but trust us, you will! And when you do, you’ll thank us Dorm-Décor Divas during that 2am panic-attack.

Things to Include:

Magnetic Dry Erase Board:We suggest one with a Calendar on it to help you stay organized and not miss any due dates.
Chapstick… and lots of it
Lint Roller: So that your little black dress looks fresh and new
Pencils and Pens: Did you know you actually have to study in college? Crazy right??
Aspirin or Pain Relievers: you’re welcome
A First Aid Kit: for when momma can’t kiss it and make it better
Flip Flops: aka Shower Shoes… aka your new best friends…
Sewing Kit: Your dress splits right before a date party or Girls Night Out? No worries, you can fix it with this kit!
Post-it-Notes: Stick em in your textbook, stick em on your wall, stick em on the door at the end of the hall way…
Tabs: To help stay organized
Ear Plugs: Trust us, you’ll need this when the girls 3 doors down decide to throw a last minute party at 2 am.
Sleep Mask: So you can sleep while your room mate writes her paper and needs the light on. We have some great ones under Graduation Gifts! Check em out!
Nail Polish: Always live colorfully
Nail Polish Remover: Not only is it for removing the old nail polish, but it also is great to put on the hole in your tights. It stops it from getting any bigger.
Small Tool Box: It won’t fix all your problems, but it’ll help fix up your room
Tide To Go: Life saver in stick form
Flashlight: So you’re not so scared of the dark
Travel Laundry Tote Bag: For when you go home and momma will be more than willing to do your laundry because she’s oh so happy you are home and misses doing it!
Thank you notes: When Aunt Sally sends you a care-package, be sure to send her one of these in the mail so she’ll send you more 😉
Forever Stamps: To put on the thank you notes
Coconut Oil: This stuff is a gift from God and can literally be used to fix everything. Clears breakouts, smooths out your hair, acts as a great lotion, helps your nails grow faster, takes off your make up, fixes a squeaky door hinge… anything and everything can be fixed with coconut oil.
B-12 vitamins: To avoid the plagues
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes: To also help avoid the plagues
Ziploc Baggies: You can never have too many of these
Planner: To write down all the social events and keep track of your homework
Reusable water bottle: This will be your best friend
Beach Towel: For days you go to the pool or go cliff diving
Umbrella: We don’t know about you, but we like going to class dry on rainy days
A Piggy Bank: Throw all your change in here to help pay for the many laundry loads or to pay for some food when you start to experience the “I’m a broke college student and I’m hungry” phase of college.
Duct Tape: Another fix-all
Scissors: To help with the rainy day crafts
Sharpies: Trust us, you will need these
Clear Tape: Easiest and quickest way to hang up new pics
Plastic Wall Hooks: To hang anything and everything
Index Cards: Because at some point, you have to study in college
Safety Pins: Never know when a zipper might break
A Nail Trimming Kit: To tame the claws
Sunscreen: Nobody wants to be a lobster after games and outdoor events.
Eyes drops: All nighters lead to dry eyes… drop some in and keep going… YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!
Pepper Spray: Always smart to have this in your purse or back pack when you are walking back from your night classes or events! Better to be safe than sorry!

And that’s it!!!
For those still looking for a Graduation Gift idea, you can get crafty and pack one of these for a graduate of yours… Or, if that sounds like too much effort, head to our Graduation Gift Guide. We have some stellar gifts starting at… wait for it… just $4 Dollars!

But wait, there’s more!

If you have any other things that you would put into your college survival kit, comment, and tell us all about it! We’d love to hear from ya!

Thanks for stopping by! Keep checking back for more blogs with helpful college tips and much more, here at Dorm-Décor!

Happy Shopping!