Dealing with College Rejection

by Campus Rep: Kayleigh Mincer

Even as a freshman in high school, the college admission/application process fascinated me. I couldn't wait to start the process. It seemed "fun" to me. It seemed so crazy that in four years I would get to pick my dream college, earn scholarships, and live happily ever after. And WOW! Was I wrong...

I'll never regret receiving my first college rejection letter from the University of Georgia in the Winter of my senior year. A copious amounts of emotions came over me, including anger and discouragement. I had worked my hardest in high school, and it still wasn’t enough. That was the first time in a long time I felt true, debilitating disappointment in myself.

Fast-forward a few months to where I am now; sitting in my room in an Auburn shirt, drinking out of an Auburn cup, surrounded with Auburn stuff in my room, happier than ever. I meet new, amazing people every single day, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my class load!

I made it. I am here. Everything really did work out.

And it'll work out for anyone going through the same thing. If you, too, are in high school embarking on the crazy journey that is the college admissions process, please listen to me when I tell you this: this crazy process you are about to undergo--the waiting, essays, rejections, the acceptance letters-will be difficult. Even so, try to remain positive. Unexpected things will always occur, and applying to your dream school and getting rejected is better than wondering what could have been.

Tons of people every single year get rejected from schools that they have been aiming for since they were children. If someone close to you is going through that, be there for them. This is not the time to gloat constantly about your shiny acceptance letter. Do not think that rejection letter defines you as a person. It is much easier said than done - but it is completely possible to accomplish. The college that you get accepted or not accepted to does not define anything you have done in your life. Life will go on. Things will work out.

All of this will pay off eventually - I PROMISE.