Designing the Perfect Dorm Room

     When it comes to designing a dorm room, the initial steps can be a little overwhelming. You and your roommate have to pick a color scheme, figure out your budget, and keep dorm organization in mind when it comes to deciding which items you want for your room. 

     We spoke with former Campus Rep Virginia Macoy about how she prepared for her freshmen year at Auburn University with the help of Dorm Decor. Check out her interview below and see what tips and ideas you can use to design the perfect home away from home! 

About Me:

     Hey! This is Virginia Macoy! I’m a sophomore at Auburn University, and I am majoring in Interior Design. I am very passionate about design and love creating spaces that improve people’s quality of life! I really believe good design can transform a space and make you feel better! In addition to interior design, I am a member of the Auburn University Tiger Paws Dance Team and a member of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority! I have loved my time at Auburn so far and cannot wait to continue learning, dancing, and meeting new people the next three years! 

     One of my favorite things about starting freshmen year was putting together my dorm room! It was such a fun project, and I could not have done it without the help of Dorm Decor. I hope you enjoy this process too and come to Dorm Decor to find the perfect pieces for your dorm room!

When you were planning your dorm room freshmen year, what design elements did you keep in mind? Did you and your roommate match/coordinate?

     My roommate and I wanted most of our stuff to match, and we agreed on a color scheme of light pink, white, and gray. We wanted our room to be neutral, light, and airy with a few pops of fun using gold accents and colorful artwork!

Being from Birmingham, how did you use the proximity of Dorm Decor to design your room?

     It was amazing having Dorm Decor close by! Everyone at Dorm Decor was so kind and walked me through the whole showroom! I was able to see the products in person which allowed me to feel different textures and see the items’ true colors. As I walked around, I picked out a ton of different products that caught my eye, then displayed them on one of the dorm sized beds in the showroom. I tried various combinations of headboards, dust ruffles, comforters, and pillows until I found the perfect one! I loved doing this and it really helped me visualize what my future dorm room was going to look like!

*If you can't make it to our showroom, you can book a FaceTime appointment and one of our consultants can help you design your dorm from the comfort of your own home!

What products do you find most important for a freshman dorm room? 

     Although I truly love all of my Dorm Decor pieces, here are the top 3 items I used everyday and I think are MUST HAVES for your freshman dorm!


    Bed Skirts:

      • Dorm rooms are small and I had a lot of stuff!!! I stored most of my belongings under my bed, but I didn’t want them to be seen. I loved my Dorm Decor Bed Skirts because they hid all of my stuff while making my room look put together. 

  Velvet Headboard Pillow:

      • I used this every day! It looked pretty styled on my bed but was also functional. My dorm room had limited space, so I often studied, read, watched Netflix, or talked to friends propped up against my Headboard Pillow.

    Power Cube:

      • I found that most of the outlets in my dorm were covered by furniture, so I had limited access to outlets. I also had a lot of electronics and gadgets that needed some power! The Power Cube was perfect for me because it allowed me to plug in my lamp, hairdryer, curling iron, phone charger, and laptop all at once!


What design trends are you seeing this season when it comes to dorm room and bedroom designing? 

     Neutrals, including whites, grays, and tans, remain a big trend this year in all areas of interior design. In addition, people are still loving blush pink! I love this trend because blush pink and even light purples can be used as a neutral or as a subtle pop of color in a space. Some other trends I have been seeing this year include lots of gold accessories and rattan pieces.


How are you using your Dorm Decor products from freshmen year throughout college? 

     When I started designing my freshman dorm, I wanted neutral pieces that would transition to different rooms throughout college. I chose white bed skirts, headboards, and curtains to use as a nice clean base for my room. Then I added a blush pink comforter and fun pillows to make the space feel more warm and feminine. 

     I was so impressed with the quality of my Dorm Decor pieces! They held up so nicely, and I know they are going to last for multiple years! Because of this, I am using all of my Dorm Decor items again in my dorm room this year, and the only new piece I am getting is a new colorful rug!

     Products Virginia Recommends:

What organization tips do you have for the incoming freshman girl? 

     The best organizational tip I have is to get plastic storage organizers to put under your bed. I got three from Target and put all sorts of stuff in them and tucked them all under my bed. This gave me plenty of storage and maximized the space in my dorm, and I hid them with my Dorm Decor Bed Skirts!