Designing Your Dorm Room 101

Ready to start designing your dorm room but don’t know where to start? We spoke with our showroom consultants to give you tips and tricks on how to get started!

  1. Pick your headboard fabric:

Start by selecting your headboard. This will allow you to set the tone for the rest of the bed. We always encourage girls to take a look at our new collections, especially if they are wanting a “blush” or “neutral” look.




  1. Pick your Bed Skirt fabric:

Once you’ve figured out which headboard you want, it’s a lot easier to start pulling together which bed skirts you want. Some people will pick the matching fabric, other people opt for a complementary fabric- it’s totally up to the individual’s style. Bed Skirts are a must-have item at Dorm Decor. They help hide the storage bins and laundry bags that you might keep under your bed; plus, they stay put all year since they tie directly onto the mattress frame.




  1. Pick your quilt or duvet:

Once the Headboard and Bed Skirts have been chosen, you have the “bare bones” of your dorm bed complete. This year we’re seeing a lot of ivory quilts and duvets flying off the shelves, but we also sell a good amount of white as well. Both colors offer a soft, neutral touch and look great with patterned or colorful bed skirts.



  1. Pick your Huge Dutch Euro and Decorative Pillows:

This is where your dorm bed really starts coming together! It is by far our favorite part of dorm decorating design. The Huge Dutch Euro is that piece that really makes your bed extra cozy and comfortable. We make and manufacture the pillow ourselves, and girls even come back to buy a second one for their full size bed sophomore year and beyond. Plus, you can personalize the pillow with a monogram!

We have an array of decorative pillows to choose from. They’re a great way to add character and depth to your bed. We recommend two or three pillows, especially one of our custom lumbars! They’re the right price and size for a dorm bed, and really help tie your look together.



  1. Pick your throw:

We have a wide variety of throws that go with just about anything you come up with, and they’re a great price for your dorm room! Dorm room heating/cooling can be quite finicky, so having an extra blanket you can use while studying or watching a movie is a must!



Once you have your dorm bedding picked out, choosing the other dorm room accessories like rugs or seating is a breeze! If you still have questions, you can set up a Showroom Appointment or FaceTime Consultation. We can also send you fabric swatches of any of our fabrics so that you know your dorm design coordinates!