Dorm Decor Checklist

Wondering what you should get for your dorm room this fall? Have no fear! We've created our Dorm Decor Checklist to help you figure out what you need to design the perfect home away from home! 


Dorm Decor Cubbies

Getting the most out of your dorm is important, especially since storage space is limited. Dorm Decor cubbies are designed with that in mind. They add vertical storage and make organizing a breeze when it comes to small spaces. Plus, if you're attending Auburn, Alabama, Birmingham-Southern, or Samford this fall we have the ability to move in your cubbies before you arrive!

  • Bed Cubby
  • Desk Cubby
  • Bedside Cubby
  • Bed Rail Cubby

Don't forget to take a look at our cubbies accessories as well! Items like our Cork-board & Mirror set as well as our Cubby Light will make studying or putting make-up on a breeze while at your desk.



We tell everyone to start with the basics- you will definitely want a Headboard, Huge Dutch Euro, and Bed Skirts to complete your look, but you can't forget about all the little extras, like Decorative Pillows, that will help make your dorm bed the coziest it can be!

The Dorm Room

Once you have your bedding and cubbies picked out, you mustn't forget about all the tiny little things you will need to complete your dorm room! Dorm rooms can be icky, so adding a decorative rug or cut carpet to the room can help turn it from drab to fab. We can also deliver Cut Carpet to your dorm room before move in at the following schools: Alabama, Auburn, Birmingham-Southern, Samford.

Also, you will want to get a pair of blackout curtains to block any unwanted light in the mornings! Most dorms come with little to no blinds. Additionally, some dorms have closets that lack a door. We offer custom hemming so your draperies or closet panels will look just right! 

Seating can be hard to find in a dorm room, especially if you're having friends over for a movie or a study session! We offer a variety of seating, but our one must-have for your dorm is our Storage Ottoman. It's built to last, is easy to clean, and won't cave in on itself (it can withstand up to 225lbs!). 


Lighting & Electronics

To give your dorm room that extra-cozy feel, we recommend adding a light other than the common, overhead fluorescent lights found in dorms. All of our lighting is thought of with space in mind, so the Lexi, Josie, Pyramid, or Grayton Lamps will easily fit on your Bedside Cubby or under your Desk Cubby. Twinkly Lights are great for adding soft lighting to your room, and our Clip-On light is perfect if you wish to study without disrupting your sleeping roommate! 

Have you heard about the lack of outlets in dorm rooms? Most only come with a dismal 2-3 outlets, which isn't that great if you and your roommate have lots of electronics to charge or use simultaneously. Our PowerCube offers surge protection, gives you an extra four outlets, and two USB ports to charge your cell phone or iPad. Plus, its 10 feet long so you can use it just about anywhere in your dorm room!