Dorm Life Hacks

1. Mug Meals

Enough said.

2. Microwave = Health Foods?

You can cook a ton of different vegetables using just a microwave along with a baked potato! No oven or stove? Not a problem anymore. Want to eat healthy in a dorm? Turns out microwaves are your friend.

3. Paper Bag Popcorn

All you need are popcorn seeds and a brown paper bag. You decide your toppings! You can buy in bulk and you can control what is on the popcorn, meaning this snack can be healthy! Mix it up with some nuts, chocolate chips, spices, and herbs!

4. Subscription Snack Boxes

This is a great way to try new foods, avoid spending time shopping, and ensure that you still have snacks around when you need them!

5. Peace & Quiet

If you live in a dorm, you probably have walls thinner than paper and can hear your neighbors do just about anything. While totally soundproofing a room is a lot of work (and money) and not the most attractive look most of the time, here's a hack to help a little bit: find some cool pieces of canvas art and in the open space in the back, fill it with sound absorbing foam. No one will ever know that there's foam in the back, and it looks really nice. If you hang a few on a problem wall, you might actually get some relief. You might also want to rearrange things to have heavy furniture, like closets, on the problem wall to absorb sound as well!


As a college student, sleep is a luxury, and you probably don't get tons of it. Caffeine is not the answer. If caffeine is out, where do you get the energy to drag yourself out of bed and go to class? Try fruit juice. Maybe there is something to that stereotypical breakfast that includes a tall glass of OJ. While some fruit juice is pumped with extra refined sugars which aren't too great, if you can find ones without added sugar, they are a great source of fuel!

7. Stay Hydrated

Water is obviously the best way to do this, but sometimes you crave that slightly sweet drink without wanting soda. Of course, juice is a good choice, but might not always be an awesome option if it becomes all you drink all day (hello, calories). Instead, fruit and herb infused water and herbal teas can spice up your hydration.

8. Multi-Use Beauty Products

Treat yourself every once in a while to a little at-home spa day!

9. Get Crafty and Spice Up Your Dorm

This is where Dorm Decor comes in! Spicing up your dorm can be a lot of fun and a great way to show off your personality. Simply adding a monogrammed item can add so much personality to your room!