Finishing Touches

Don't forget to grab any last minute items you will need to survive freshmen year in the dorms! We've rounded up a checklist of the items people are most likely to forget when designing the perfect home away from home.


               Organization is key to making it through freshmen year. Cubby Bins can hold anything from t-shirts, books, snacks, and more!


  • Clip On Light

               Great for your Bed or Desk Cubby and can even attach to your headboard. Plus, it won't wake up your roommate if you're studying late at night! 


               Offers the most in surge protection with four extra outlets and two USB ports to charge your electronics. Trust us when we say outlets in dorm rooms are few and far between, and dorm furniture often covers them up!


            Our Storage Ottoman is built to last, easily cleaned, and can be moved anywhere throughout your dorm room. It's great for keeping extra blankets, magazines, snacks, and more. Plus, it's the perfect step-stool to help you get onto those extra high dorm beds! 


  • Bed Rail Cubby
              If you have room at the foot of your dorm bed, or if you're lofting your bed higher than the standard dorm bed height, the Bedrail Cubby will be your saving grace! It accommodates our PowerCube with two small holes, can hold your laptop, phone, and more so you don't have to move far from your bed.