Five Dorm Room Gift Ideas for Your New College Student

Your little one is going to college. Leaving the nest. Spreading their wings. Taking the world by storm. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t still need their friends, family, and parents to cheer them on and help out in a crisis. Don’t worry, your job is far from done! In the meantime, send your stellar student to college with a token of your love and with something that can help them remember home. At Dorm Decor, we can help you arm your college student with style, elegance, and utility. Here are five great dorm room gifts that every college grad will love.


Low Cost Gift – Scented Drawer Liner

A token of affection doesn’t have to empty your bank account to show your college student that you care. In fact, sometimes it’s the small things in life that have the most impact, especially if your college student has to face off against a smelly chest of drawers. Give her drawers a little olfactory refresh with this scented drawer liner that gives off a fragrance of green tea and lemon for just $18.


A Taste of Home – Display Boards

Worried that your college student might get a little homesick? Fill up this display board with pictures of friends and family as well as the big events in their life. Over time, they’ll fill in the empty spaces with new experiences and new friends. At just $48, this burlap nailhead display board is affordable and looks great in the rooms of college gals and guys.


Claim the Space – Wall Monogram

Your little girl is and always will be your treasure. Don’t let her forget it. A stylish wall monogram is a gift she can carry with her from her dorm room to her first apartment and even in to her first home. Dorm room wall monograms are a gorgeous gift and something she probably won’t think to get for herself. Choose from many different styles and colors.


A Splash of Style – Custom Headboards

Dorm rooms are so small that your college student will probably have to leave most of her treasured decorations at home. That doesn’t mean her dorm room needs to be boring and bland. A custom headboard adds color and personality to a room and can help it feel downright homey. At Dorm Decor, we offer a full line of custom dorm room headboards that fit all kinds of styles and design themes. Our Ultrasuede options are a great choice for college guys.  


The Full Shebang – Dorm Collections

Your college student will likely be spending a lot of time in their college dorm studying, doing homework, and watching movies with new friends. You can help them turn their dorm room into a comfortable, welcoming place that will feel a little like home. Our Dorm Decor Collections include a full suite of matching products to fully decorate a standard dorm room. These collections include comforters, pillows, drapes, bed skirts, carpets, even waste bins! If you want to go all out and give your college student a big, useful sendoff, pick out a collection that will help her fall in love with her dorm room! We also have great accessories for your college guy’s perfect dorm room man cave.

We invite you to take a look around Dorm Decor. We have lots of great gifts at a variety of price points that will help your college student personalize his or her dorm room. They might be leaving your nest, but you can help them create a beautiful new nest of their own!