Five Reasons You Need a Huge Dutch Euro


With dorm designing season upon us it can be overwhelming as to what you absolutely need for your room. If there’s one thing you must have in order to survive freshman year in the dorms, it’s our Huge Dutch Euro Pillow!



  1. It’s the perfect piece to prop-up on your dorm bed

Let’s be honest, you don’t need a million pillows on your dorm bed, but you do need a few pillows that will give you comfort and support while still maintaining your dorm room design. The Huge Dutch Euro looks amazing on every bed and comes in multiple colors, so there’s sure to be a cover that complements your design.

  1. The over-sized beauty is made especially for Dorm Decor

There is no other pillow like this on the market! The Huge Dutch Euro measures 38”x 32” and includes both the cover and the insert. The insert is also alternative-down, so if you have allergies this is a great pillow option!

  1. It can serve as your headboard and fits in our Bed Cubby

Looking for an alternative to the Dorm Decor Headboard? The Huge Dutch Euro covers almost the entire surface a headboard would and will help complete your dorm room design just the same. Plus, if you have a full or queen size bed, two Huge Dutch Euros can act as your headboard while providing you the right amount of comfort and support!


  1. The linen sham can be removed and easily washed

Worried about the sham getting dirty? Have no fear! The Huge Dutch Euro sham unbuttons in the back so you can easily wash it. For care instructions, we recommend machine wash cold and line dry (don’t use bleach!).

  1. It’s made to last
Every product here at Dorm Decor is made with you in mind, and we want you to have a dorm room or bedroom design that will last you all four years. Feel like changing up the colors in your room but still want to keep your Huge Dutch Euro? We sell Huge Dutch Euro Shams so that you can keep your favorite pillow no matter the room design!