Five Space Saving Tips for Your College Dorm Room

You are going to learn so much during your time at college. Some of those lessons will happen in the classroom, but a lot of your education will take place as you meet new people, join clubs, and continue discovering new depths within yourself. Here’s one more thing you’re going to have to learn – how to live in a teeny tiny dorm room. Most dorm rooms give you about 200 hundred square feet to work with. Don’t forget that you’re sharing that space with another person! Don’t freak out. Instead, think of it as a design challenge. In this article, we’ll help you keep your dorm room cozy instead of crowded with some helpful dorm room space saving tips. Let’s think big!


Store Up

Your dorm room may look small, but you’ve got a lot more space to work with than you think. Just look up. Consider adding to the existing dorm room furniture with nightstand and desk cubbies. These are perfect for stashing textbooks, your fav stuffed animal, and your sports gear.

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Check Under the Bed

    You have so little space to spare in a dorm room, so don’t let any of it go to waste, including the space under your bed. That’s primo real estate that most college students completely overlook. With a few well-chosen containers, you can keep your entire shoe collection under your bed for easy access or stash things you don’t always need, like your winter sweaters and coats.

    If your bed isn’t quite tall enough to accommodate storage bins, consider getting risers. A pretty bed skirt will keep the clutter out of sight.

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    Turn Furniture into Storage

    If you want to add extra seating or a nightstand in your room, why not pick a piece that offers you additional storage capacity? You can find lots of different types of furniture that look beautiful, compliment your style, and give you a place to stash your extra stuff.

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    Get Organized

    Without getting too metaphysical on you (that’s what your philosophy classes are for), sometimes space is all in the mind. A room can feel small and cramped if it looks cluttered or if you always struggle to find your phone and keys under discarded gym clothes.

    You might be surprised at how much bigger your room can look and feel just by implementing a good system of organization. Try to create spots for each of your major possessions. When everything has a spot, it won’t end up in the wrong place or get lost. Help yourself out by adding bins, dividers, drawer organizers, cups, and cubbies to your room.

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    • Bed Rail Cubby

    Bring Less Stuff

    Even the best dorm room space saving tips can only get you so far. College is all about finding yourself and often that means leaving some of your old assumptions and fears behind. It can also mean leaving some of the material things you no longer need. You already know that stuff doesn’t make you happy, so prove it by shedding those extra blouses and boots that you know you’ll never wear or the huge lamp that will just take up space. Remember, your things will still be at home. You can see them again and switch them out on spring break.


    In the meantime, enjoy your newfound and less cluttered freedom!