How To Move Into Your Dorm

Yayy!!! You’re almost there!! Most of you are about 20 days or less away from moving into your new box of a home! Get excited!!

Move-in-day is a wave of emotions and can be a long and dreadful process. But, it can also be an exciting beginning of your new journey. It’s what you make of it! It’s a weird feeling… You’ve been looking forward to this day all year, and counting down the days, telling everyone who asked, “I am SO ready." It’s funny how you say that all year, and then the day comes and you don’t feel ready. It’s perfectly quoted in "American Honey" by Lady Antebellum: “Couldn’t wait to get going but wasn’t quite ready to leave”.

I personally had a very interesting move-in-day. Somehow, I managed to schedule my move-in at the same time as my freshman orientation. So tip number one...


I have a wonder woman of a mom, so she was a doll and volunteered to begin moving me in, by herself, while I was at orientation. She’s a God sent!

Anyways…I had to run to check in for orientation, then run in the Summer heat to my dorm to get my keys and check-in there, and then run back to orientation. My mom arrived at lunch, so I skipped lunch and ran to my dorm to give her my keys. I went to get stuff out of my mom’s car and tried to do the right thing and lock the car back so that no one could steal my awesome new dorm stuff, especially my Dorm Decor goodies! In the rushed process of all that, I managed to lock my mom’s keys in the car… WHOOPS… Needless to say, she wasn’t too happy about that. She called AAA and got all that fixed while I ran back to orientation to get my schedule…so tip number two…


Now… enough of my little story… time to get to the list of tips to help make your move-in-day a breeze.

Before move-in day, you probably will spend a few days packing up your life…

To help make moving in easier before you get to move-in day, here are some packing tips…

#3-Leave all your clothes on hangers.

-That way when you get to your dorm, you can just hang them right up!

#4-Use plastic bins.

-They fit a lot, and you can see all of what is in each box.

#5-Leave all your appliances, bedding, etc. in their original bagging or boxes.

-It’s better to have everything in place instead of spread out and every where. You can always throw away those big boxes once you get there.

#6- Invest in a safe!

-You need to have a safe place to keep your important numbers, credit cards, pearls, etc.

#7-Dry Foods First.

-Everyone says to get all your food once you get to school… I went and got all my dry and boxed foods beforehand, however. Personally, by the end of the day, I had no desire to go to the store. We went, but both my mom and I were ready to get out of there before we even got out of the car. I would recommend getting your snacks and water bottles before, and wait to get your other foods the day after you move in, or after your parents leave.

#8- Pack your car the night before.


-I think you get this one.

Now… for move-in day… here are some more tips to help you survive this long, but exciting day.

#10-Take 5 deep breaths! Or 6! Or 7!

#11-Eat a good breakfast!

#12-Wear Tennis Shoes and Comfy Clothes

-It will be hot, you will be sweaty, and you will be on your feet all day.

#13-Be Flexible.

-Not everything is going to go the way you planned it.

#14-Get to know your roommates later, focus on you.

-Don’t be rude, take a few minutes to say hi and shake hands with their parents, but then get back to work. You’ll have plenty of time to get to know them later.

#15-Make it Fun! Keep it happy!

-Make a fun playlist to jam out to, keep it happy. It’s a hard day for your parents, and trust me it will be hard on you too.

#16-Get everything out of the car before you start unpacking things…

-Staying organized and structured is the key

#17-Take MOST of your mom or dad’s advice.

-This is YOUR room, but your mom and dad probably know what’s best for you!

#18-Do 1 thing at a time.

-Unpack one box at a time and organize everything before you start the next one.

#19- As said before, it is YOUR room, figure out how you want things!

-Do listen to your parents, but if you want something a certain way, let them know how you would like to set up your room, and get them excited about it!

#20-Be spontaneous, get creative.

-Things won’t work the way you thought they would so come up with a new way to hang something, or change the set up!

#21-Take your time, or you break things!

-Tell dad to take his time…

#22-When all is said and done, take your parents out to dinner.

-Save up, and show them you are ready! Take them to dinner to say thank you. They’ll probably end up paying for it anyways, but still try!

#23-Write mom and dad a letter and mail it to them a few days later.

-Snail Mail is the way to go! Say thanks and how much you love them… And promise to call them!

That’s it!

Hopefully this helps!

Us Dorm Decor Divas couldn’t be more excited for you!

If you have any more tips, comment below! We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Move-In!!!

Savannah, Dorm Decor Campus Rep