How to Survive an 8am

Well ladies and gents,

I thought it would just be the most brilliant idea to sign up for classes this Summer…of course the one class I needed most was at what time? Guess!

8 AM!!!!!

I was super pumped that I got the last spot in my class but then reality hit me and my life crumbled around me…

Ok I’ll skip the melodramatics…I was just extremely nervous considering all the 8am war stories you hear.

But, I am here to tell you people that it IS possible and not the end of the world! In fact, I actually LOVE it!

Let’s get personal real quick. I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! If you wake me up before my alarm goes off, call me Regina George, because I will  personally victimize you and any others who were a part of this most vicious crime.

What I am trying to say is, don’t just skip over this post! It can save so many lives…there we go with the melodramatics again…

But, sometimes you get stuck with an 8 am and you just have to deal with it.

Here are a few tips I have come up with to help you not only survive your 8am, but dominate it!

1. Get a good nights sleep!!!!

Now… I know this is college so this doesn’t usually happen, and when it does, it is a true miracle! So if you do somehow get a great night’s sleep, no need to read the next few tips…continue on your merry way! But, if you are a night owl like me, proceed to the next tip.

2. Set MULTIPLE alarms!!!

Not one, not two, not three, but like four or five. It takes a team! A very large and loud team…

I like to use the “Presto” sound on the iPhone. It makes me wanna throw my phone against the wall, so I am sure it will do the trick for ya!

Another little tip is to place your phone on the opposite side of the room so that you must get up to turn it off.

3. Use Eye Drops.

I personally hate them, but I love them all at the same time. I find that if you put a few drops in each eye, they aren’t as dry and you don’t seem to rub them as much.

4. Eat some sort of breakfast!

I have a hard time eating a big breakfast first thing in the morning so I like to eat a Nutrigrain bar! It’s not too heavy, but it gives me energy to at least pretend I am paying attention in class 😉

5. Coffee is your new BFF.

Momma set me up fat with a Keurig and Starbucks, and she knew exactly what I needed. I am weird and only like to drink hot coffee at night, so iced coffee is the way to go for me! Starbucks just came out with an ice coffee Keurig cup! You brew it right over ice and save a lot of money.

6. Water.

Also pack a water bottle! Stay hydrated people!


Waking up is a long process, at least for me! Walking is a good way to start the day–you get exercise (keeping off that freshmen 15), you wake up without attacking anyone, and your campus will most likely be at its prime this time of day! The dim morning light through the trees will give you many chances to brag about your gorgeous school to all your friends on snap chat. And not to get all exercise and sport sciencey on y’all (my major), but it is proven that if you undergo any form of physical activity before you study, you learn and retain more material.

Now…once you are in class….

8. Keep your hands off your face and desk at all times.

Once you rest your chin on your hand, it’s over! Sit up straight! You were blessed with a strong, amazing neck that will hold your head up for you!

9. Write. Don’t Type.

I understand if you prefer to type than write, but I would just suggest that if you are ok writing, do so–it keeps you more involved.

Also, staring at a screen for hours, right after you wake up, is not the brightest idea.

10. Ask Questions.

Get involved in the discussion! Brownie points with the professor and a happier, more awake you!

11. Take a nap.

When class is over, walk back to your dorm and take a well deserved nap! Congratulations! YOU DID IT! *insert Dora The Explorer Voice here*

I hope this little list of tips gets you through that dreaded 8 am! I love being done with school at such an early time! And I might, just MIGHT, end up taking more 8 ams in the future! YOU CAN DO IT! Us Dorm-Décor Divas believe in you!

Have a Great Day!

Savannah, Dorm Decor Campus Rep