How to Survive Move-in Day

by: Campus Rep Kayleigh Mincer

As an incoming freshman, I'm excited to say that I cannot wait until move-in day! I look forward to starting the newest chapter of my life with the girls I'll be spending the next four years with and finally opening the doors to my future. Move-in day is the most anticipated and exciting day of senior year. Move-in can be the most nerve-wracking, exciting and overwhelming day ever. Luckily, I'm sure the outcome will be totally worth it. All the back-and-forth trips to Target, the awkward "hi my name is," and the hovering parents that never want to leave is everything I've always hoped for! So here are some tips I've learned from friends of mine attending college for any nervous, overwhelmed freshman getting ready to move in:

1. It's going to be hectic and stressful, but it'll pass.

Move in day will already be jam-packed with stress, but to top it off, it will be the first week of August (aka the hottest week of the entire year), there will be families fighting over parking spaces and packed elevators going up and down with a line out the door. I don't even think the word hectic can describe the chaos that comes along with moving into a dorm room. The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that everyone will be feeling the same overwhelmed emotion that I will. It's definitely going to be a mixture of being excited and nervous at the same time. Just know that no matter how long and tiring the moving-in process is, eventually you will get everything done and make that 6 by 8 dorm your new home!

2. Embrace the awkwardness.

Whether it's meeting your roommate for the first time, or having your parents force you to introduce yourself to the other girls/guys on your floor, this day can and probably will be awkward. Take this all in though, because the people you meet that day may just become your biggest lifeline and best friends.

3. Space is limited, but you'll make it work.

Dorm rooms may seem like the size of a shoe box, but you'll find space to fit everything in ways you never thought even existed. Luckily, Dorm Decor has tons of extra storage options to make the most out of your cozy little shoebox! Be patient because it's all a learning process that day! It will definitely be strenuous but eventually everything will fall into place. Communicate with your roommate(s) and make your room a place that's comfortable and feels like home for the next year.

4. Take in all the moments of move-in day in. It's the last full day you'll spend with your parents until your first break/3-day weekend. 

If your parents want to do everything for you and make sure you're settled in, let them on move in day. They just want to make your new home as much like your old home as possible. Let them take the extra trip to the grocery store, or make your bed one last time, because soon they'll be headed back home and you'll be on your own. Take advantage of the help and time that you have with your parents, even if you feel overwhelmed.

5. It's a big adjustment, but they WILL be the best four years of your entire life!

So let the adventure begin!