Tension Rods are for Drapery, Not Bed Skirts

It’s Game Day and you’re running late for a pre-game. Where are those adorable booties that are perfect with your new Free People dress? Maybe they’re under the bed. You slide your bed skirt aside and the tension rod, which is already sagging because a bed is really just too long for a tension rod to work properly, falls in a heap on your dorm room floor. You don’t have time to fool with this so it stays there in a wrinkled pile until you have time to deal with it sometime Monday night.

Once you get the tension rod and bed skirt in place again you find yourself avoiding getting items you’ve stored under the bed because you don’t want to have to deal with it falling again. Every time a friend sits on your bed you caution her to be careful not to pull the bed skirt. This is no way to live. This is insanity! So you tie the tension rod up with a shoelace, zip tie or whatever you can find to keep it in place. Does it ruin the look of your beautiful bedding yes, but hey sometimes function wins over form.

Well this is choice you no longer have to make. Avoid the frustration and expense of a tension rod with Dorm Decor bed skirt. Our bed skirts come with ties so your dust ruffle is not going anywhere. The ties give you the flexibility you need to insure your dust ruffle is the proper length. And since most dorm beds are against a wall Dorm Decor offers a bed skirt with one long and one short side so you’re not paying for something you don’t need. We also offer a full bed skirt (two long sides and one short) if you need it. Problem solved! Frustration avoided. Now about those booties…next blog post shoe organization.