The Dorm Room Bed - How to Make it the STAR of the Room

In a college dorm room, the bed is the star. After all, the bed serves as more than just a place to sleep – it’s also your couch, your chair, your kitchen table, and sometimes your desk!

Being at college is no reason to give up a cozy bed. In fact, here is a chance to start new and fresh, and create a “nest” that you snuggle into each night after a long day of college fun.

Create a design theme with a covered headboard – no bed is complete without some kind of headboard, and they are relatively inexpensive to buy. Choose a fabric that sets the tone for the “look” you want to achieve in your dorm room. I chose a spa-blue medallion pattern for my room, but Dorm-Decor has tons of fabrics to choose from in solids, prints and all colors. No need to make a trip to the fabric store, Dorm-Decor will make the headboard for you (you can pick your shape) and can ship it to you. They also ship to a number of universities.

It all starts with the mattress – the camp style mattress provided by the school is going to need a little “fluff” to make it comfortable. The owners of Dorm-Decor in Birmingham, Alabama looked far and wide to find the perfect mattress topper. At $130, it’s worth every penny and will hide the imperfections of your mattress.

When your temperature needs don't match with your room mate, try a dual-heat electric blanket, with the zone for the "colder" person turned on low about 10 minutes before bed (don't worry about forgetting to turn it off — all electric blankets are now required to have auto-turnoff functions).

For a cozy, “Hotel room” feeling — especially if your roommate turns the temperature down at night — choose fluffy bedding made of natural fibers. I like feminine so I chose the Blake ruffle quilt from Dorm- Decor in white, but they have just about any color and style a girl or guy would want for a bed cover. Add a coordinating custom duvet at the foot of the bed that you can pull over you if you wake up freezing in the middle of the night. If duvets make you nervous, opt for a Luxe Throw at the foot of the bed.

It’s all about the sheets - With bed linens; my mother says to always buy the best you can afford. I love the “Heavenly Sheets from Dorm-Decor. They are superbly crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton and 300-thread-count (seriously soft and durable). They come with a free monogram, which is nice so that your sheets don’t get mixed up with your roommate’s on laundry day.

Don’t overlook the Dust Skirt – it not only looks good but a long one will hide all of the junk under your bed! Dorm-Decor sells skirts made specifically for dorm beds – they come in panels that tie onto the springs of the bed (so no slippage!). Plus these are especially long, so you can make your bed as tall or as short as you want and alter the ties accordingly.

Pillows are the “bling” that makes your bed unique. This is an area where you can really show off your personality – add initials or choose a funky pattern that is not necessarily “practical” but coordinates with your bedding. My roommate and I decided to splurge on some oversized lamb’s wool pillows to add some softness and texture to the bed – plus we decided they would be so cozy to snuggle up with. For a splash of color, add an accent pillow in a bright color, with initials added to “claim your space”.

With these basics in mind, you are on your way to creating the bed of your dreams!

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