You’re Going to Get it! Be Prepared

It’s freezing outside and second semester is in full swing. Your new year’s resolutions are becoming a bit hazy, and that commitment to make an A in Econ resulted in a B, but you tell yourself, “Hey, there’s plenty of time bring that up.” That might be true except for a danger that is getting closer to you with each passing day. It can undermine your best intentions, rob you of motivation and steal your dreams. No I’m not talking about an intense strain of cannabis!

I’m warning you about SPRING FEVER!

The reality is that with the onset of 72 degree days, you most likely will not experience the same level of motivation you had at the beginning of school. Like the final mile of a marathon, the last month of school can be grueling. The last thing you want to do is blow it as you’re nearing the finish line.

Plan ahead. Do as much as you possibly can NOW. Start that project that isn’t due for weeks. Read ahead. Do it before spring formals, weekend trips to the beach and long warm days trick you into believing you have all night to study.   I know cold weather makes you want to nest in your bed, but it that episode of Gossip Girl that you’ve already seen ten times really worth it?

Spring Fever is powerful, don’t let it undermine all of the work you’ve done all year. If you make a plan, study now, and prioritize, you’ll be ready when it hits because it always does, and no one is immune.