Everything a High School Senior Must Do

by: Kayleigh Mincer

I am not the biggest lover of change, but I am a lover of routine and uniformity. My place of comfort is not  a place, but instead, being around those whom I love. The thought of leaving the state and everything I've known for 18 years and going off to college in six short months absolutely terrifies me. Knowing my comfort bubble will be popped makes me want to stay at home and not leave.

I will no longer be surrounded by my family; the relationships that I had with my friends will be a phone call away, and my life will change forever. I know already that I will fight against the change, but what I have realized during this crazy senior year is that in order for me to form a new home away from my current one, I need to become part of the ''now'' and open my eyes to what's truly in front of me. One of my biggest personal downfalls is that I always look forward to the future, getting there, and then missing the present. As I look back on my senior year of high school as it begins to wind down, I wish that I had embraced the moments of seeing my lifelong friends every day at school, being under my parents' roof, and Friday night football games. I convince you not to take this as a list, but as a challenge to adore your last year, take it all in, and be completely present in the chapter of life that you are currently in.

1. Tell your friends and family that you love them and are thankful for them.

It's so crucial that everyone in your life knows how much you appreciate them, especially before life is about to change for everyone in your life when you leave.

2. Take a trip with your closest friends (and this doesn't include the senior trip included in tuition).

Whether it’s just a day trip to the beach or a trip to California, you will adore thinking of those memories later on and you'll be so grateful for the final bonding opportunity you had with them.

3. Go to everything.

Even something as small as a swim meet that may seem completely useless, but one day, you'll look back on those memories and we happy that you went and supported the place you've spent the last four years.


The biggest thing that I know for certain I will miss in college is home cooked meals and telling my mom everything that is going on at school. I will look back and wish that I had spent more nights with my family and that I appreciated the times when I did.

5. Become friends with everyone, even the people who you never made the effort to know the rest of your high school career. You never know when you will see them/if they'll be in your life after graduation.

6. Take SO MANY pictures. After this year, it will become almost impossible that all your friends will be in one place after you go your separate ways. Embrace the time together now before you all make new friends.

7. Don’t stress. Everyone says this, but you will end up where you are supposed to and everything WILL, I promise you, fall into place. Enjoy your year and be present instead of constantly worrying about the future.

Forget yesterday. It has already forgotten you. Don’t sweat tomorrow. You haven’t even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to the truly precious gift of today.