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Girls Dorm Room Check List Posted on 19 Jun 00:00

Girls Dorm Room Check List

Planning what you need for your dorm room can be overwhelming, which is why we created the Dorm Decor Checklist so you can feel confident you have everything you need to make your dorm room your home away from home!

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How to Pick the Dorm Room Color Scheme that Screams You Posted on 07 Jun 00:00

How to Pick the Dorm Room Color Scheme that Screams You

Your Dorm Many Never Feel Like a Palace, but with These Space Saving Design Tips, It’ll Feel a Little More Cozy and a Little Less Cramped.

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Featured on Odyssey this Week! Posted on 09 Mar 11:28

Featured on Odyssey this Week!

Dorm Decor is thrilled to be featured on Odyssey this week! The feature includes Dorm Decor Campus Rep Megan Brooke Dellinger's article on must-have items for your dorm room. From cubbies to accessories and organizational products, you will find the guide to dorm room decorating here. Check it out >>>>! Continue Reading

Everything a High School Senior Must Do Posted on 26 Feb 11:30

Everything a High School Senior Must Do

by: Kayleigh Mincer I am not the biggest lover of change, but I am a lover of routine and uniformity. My place of comfort is not  a place, but instead, being around those whom I love. The thought of leaving the state and everything I've known for 18 years and going off to college in six short months absolutely terrifies me. Knowing my comfort bubble will be popped makes me want to stay at home and not leave. I will no longer be surrounded by my family; the relationships that I had with my friends will be a phone call...Continue Reading

Choosing the Perfect College Posted on 08 Feb 11:31

Choosing the Perfect College

By: Kayleigh Mincer For seniors, the entire year seems to be based on ‘‘where are you going to school?’’ Senior year is when we begin applying and deciding which college is best for us to attend. Choosing the perfect college is one of the hardest decisions a teenager will ever make. You will face so much pressure from family, friends, and teachers and you are probably stressed about the prospect. If you’re like me and applied to over 20 schools, chances are you have a gargantuan decision to make. When choosing the perfect school for you, you have to “feel”...Continue Reading

A Letter to High School Seniors Posted on 04 Feb 11:32

A Letter to High School Seniors

From Kaleigh Mincer, Campus Rep and High School Senior As my senior year slowly closes, reality hit me that I just finished the second to last semester of my entire high school career. As a senior, all that can go through your head is one saying, countless times throughout the year: ‘’You’re almost done.” You are inches away from the finish line. Last first day of school, last homecoming, last Christmas Break as a high school student, Spring break, senior trip, graduation, and you’re done forever! The real world is so close and so many emotions are going through our...Continue Reading

Dorm Decor Featured in Seventeen! Posted on 07 Aug 11:33

Dorm Decor Featured in Seventeen!

We're just flattered to recently have been featured in SEVENTEEN! It's true! I know. It still feels like a dream to us, too. Seventeen put out a list of "20 Dorm Rooms So Stylish You'll Wish They Were Yours" and Dorm Decor is proud to be the cover photo for the gallery. Once inside the article, you'll see that our blue and red room was picked to represent "preppy patterns."   Check out the article here and get some last minute dorm decorating inspiration! Read on to for the full gallery. Happy Friday! xoxo Dorm DecorContinue Reading

Senioritis Posted on 19 Apr 11:41


by Emery Herbert photo via As your final year of high school winds down and the senioritis becomes unbearable I am sure that every girl out there (much like myself) is filled with daydreams and fantasies of how the next four years are going to go. You imagine you and your new roommate becoming best friends. You imagine grabbing a coffee with the cute boy in your writing 121 class. You imagine studying hard in the library to ace that pop quiz your chem professor gives you. You’re basically living in your head and in your daydreams about college....Continue Reading

The Model Dorm Room - Get the look! Posted on 24 Feb 11:56

The Model Dorm Room - Get the look!

The Model Dorm Room – Get the look! By Dorm Decor Diva Sometimes model dorm rooms done in school colors can come off, well at best a bit kitschy and at worst a little tacky, not at Dorm Decor. Our designers were up to the challenge and used Samford University school colors, Red and Blue, to create this designer dorm room. It’s all available at and here’s the shopping list so you can get the look! Cubby Bed Cubby White Headboards Rectangle Headboard, Two letter Brooke monogram, Red thread, attaches to cubby Curve Headboard, Two letter Brooke monogram, Red...Continue Reading