How to Pick the Dorm Room Color Scheme that Screams You

You aren’t allowed to paint the walls of your dorm room, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on decorating altogether. In fact, you can easily add your personality to your dorm room by carefully choosing the right accessories. Everything from your comforter to your curtains and knickknacks can personalize your room and make it feel like home. Before you start picking items at random, think about the statement you want your space to make. The first step is to choose your color scheme. What colors speak to you, define your personality, or make you feel good? Let’s take a quick look at common colors and what they could say about you.



Red is the biggest, boldest, and most powerful color. It stands for passion, energy, and love. Too much red can be overwhelming, but it makes an excellent accent color, especially if you want to add energy to your room. Pair red accents with clean, muted colors, like white, gray, or pale shades of blue to help balance it out.

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Pink is fun, feminine, and energetic. Like red, pink is an invigorating color, but it isn’t as aggressive as red. If you are a lover, not a fighter, pink might be the way to go in your dorm room. Go bold and bright or enjoy a lighter pink to create a calmer space.

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Another warm color, orange is bright and cheerful. It’s the color of happy and can bring you a lot of joy when you come home after a long day of classes. Orange does tend to be high energy, though, so consider it as an accent color or choose a lighter orange so it doesn’t overpower your senses. Pair it with navy blue or turquoise to create some nice pop or tone it down with gray pieces for more energy balance.

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If you have a sunshine personality or need help staying up for an all-night study fest, add some yellow into your decorating scheme. Yellow is the brightest, cheeriest color on the color wheel. It may help lift bad moods and give you energy, but it’s also intense. Use sparingly. A little yellow can still make a big splash.

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Onto the cooler colors of the color wheel. Green is soothing. It evokes the power of nature and symbolizes growth and harmony. This restful color is conducive to studying and learning and may help you stay focused as you write that big paper. Pair green with white, beige, or blush for a nice complimentary look.

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Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. It can also add peaceful, restful tones to your dorm room. This cooler color promotes focus and tranquility, two great attributes during finals week. Don’t think of blue as just a boy’s color. Paired with gold, blush, or white, it can create a beautiful look to your room.

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A combination of blue and red, purple melds passion with tranquility. It offers energy without being too busy and stability without being boring. Purple is a gorgeous color. No wonder it often represents nobility, luxury, and ambition.

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White offers you a pristine canvas and is the perfect base color for a rich accent color combination. If you want to add an energetic red, yellow, or orange to your room or a nice dark blue, purple, or green, consider starting with white to let those colors shine.

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