The Five Dorm Room Necessities You Can’t Afford to Forget

Your car is stuffed to the gills. You have everything you need for college… at least you think you do! Though it might feel like you’re moving just about every possession you own into your dorm room, there are a couple of things you’re bound to forget as well as a few things you might not even realize you need. Don’t worry! We at Dorm Decor are here to help. We talk to college students all the time as we create new products that make dorm life great, and they’ve told us all about the things they wished they had packed when they moved to college. Now you can benefit from this knowledge. Here are the five dorm room necessities you can’t afford to forget:

A Trashcan

A trashcan is utterly forgettable… until you need to throw away the peel of the banana you just ate or get rid of those smelly socks that have finally worn out. Trashcans are often overlooked, but they perform a very important job. For your dorm room, consider a small trashcan that won’t take up too much space but can hold all those breakfast bar wrappers and wadded up doodles from class. These cute wastebaskets will add a classy touch to a sometimes messy job!  


Mattress Pad/Mattress Topper

Getting enough sleep is critical for your mental, physical, and emotional health. Let’s be honest, dorm beds aren’t the most comfortable on the planet. If only you could take your super fancy memory foam mattress with you to college, but you can’t. Instead, give yourself a chance at sweeter dreams by investing in a mattress pad. This mattress topper adds a layer of softness to your bed that can help you get more shuteye each night.


A Lamp

Your dorm room will have a main light, but whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you’ll want to keep the main light off while your roomie snoozes. Make sure you bring along a small lamp that will let you study late into the night without disturbing your roommate. This clip on light is small, but powerful, and you can take it with you to study at your desk or in bed.


More Sockets

If your dorm building was built more than ten years ago, then there won’t be enough sockets for your phone, your laptop, your tablet, and your roommate’s air purifier. Make sure you bring a surge protector to give yourself more sockets so you can charge all your tech whenever necessary. Another option is this cool little PowerCube, which comes with a ten-foot cord, four sockets, and two USB ports.


Eye Mask

When your roommate puts on her lamp to get ready for her 6 AM run, that light will still seem as bright as a thousand suns. Even your amazing mattress pad won’t be able to help you get the beauty sleep you deserve. The simple solution isn’t to throw your pillow at your roommate (she probably won’t appreciate that). Instead, treat yourself to the simple, elegant solution of an eye mask. It will keep the light out in the morning and during your afternoon nap. After pulling an all-nighter, this eye mask will literally be your favorite thing in the entire world!

Before you pull the car out of the driveway and start your college adventure, make sure you’ve got everything on this list. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles – if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your college student, they’ll love any and all of these options!

You’ll find your need-to-have and love-to-have dorm accessories here at Dorm Decor!