The Freshman 15 - Things You Didn't Know You Needed

Fresh out of high school, you might not know the way of college life yet. Therefore, you might not be aware of what the college kids need to own now. Before you get to school, make sure you are prepared with what every college kid has in their everyday life. 

#1 – A PLANNER – you are going to be so busy with class schedules, hanging out with friends, leading clubs, and playing intramural sports you’re not going to know right from left. A planner is going to be your BEST FRIEND.

#2 – Ear plugs – in a dorm room you’re going to find that there is a lot of noise around the clock so if you’re a light sleeper I suggest investing in some great earplugs.

#3 – A towel wrap – is a must have – when walking down the hall after your shower and straightening your hair you want to make sure you can stay covered and still get all the things you are used to doing naked done!

#4 – Slippers – on your really rough days you may break down and wear them to class because they are so warm and fuzzy. It’s like a hug for your feet!

#5 – A mini fridge – this way you can keep your favorite foods that your cafe doesn’t supply all to yourself.

#6 – A comfy blanket– basically this is like a piece of clothing you’ll use it so much while studying in bed, at your desk, in the library (because it is always freezing). You can thank me later for this one.

#7 - Vacuum – living in such a small place - creates messes, A LOT of messes.

#8 - Mini coffee maker- even if you don’t like coffee now, college will turn you into a fellow caffeine addict and this item will be crucial during your first few all-nighters.

#9 - MAttress Pad – you will come to find that your bed is your sanctuary. Switching from your home bed to your school bed is quite an adjustment, but this item makes the transition easier.

#10 - Laundry hamper – this might seem obvious, but a good hamper that will last you all 4 years will be vital.

#11 - Power cord – between your phone, laptop, television, lights, and all other technology that needs to be plugged in, a power chord is needed

#12 – Brita Filter – Getting up and walking down the hall to the water fountain is a hassle. Instead of that, get a filter, so you can have ice cold, clean water ready for you whenever you get thirsty!

#13 - Blackout curtains – You get one or two days a week to sleep in and take a break from the college craziness, blackout curtains help you catch up on the lost sleep from your tough week.

#14 - Portable charger – College gets busy between hanging out with friends, going from class, work, or sports, a charged phone is nearly impossible. Portable chargers gives you a cell that lasts all day and will save you when you need it most.

#15 – Fan –When the temperature goes up, the fans come out. You do not want to be in the dorms without a fan when the weather starts to heat up.


--- The Dorm Girls ---