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Dorm Decor's Holiday Party! Posted on 09 Dec 22:18

Dorm Decor's Holiday Party!

It’s that time of year again! We love getting together and celebrating the holidays with our friends before heading back home for winter break. This year we teamed up with one of our designers and Food by Kara to bring you some holiday decorating tips and yummy treat ideas! We went to the house of Brighton Ellisor at the University of Alabama to show that any college apartment can look just as fab as your Dorm Decor room freshmen year, especially during the holiday season! As one of the designers of our 2019 Collection, Brighton stresses the importance of decorating...Continue Reading

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Posted on 21 Nov 00:09

Holiday Gift Guide 2018
The holidays are just around the corner and we've picked out some of our favorite Dorm Decor must-have gifts! From pillows to gift cards to dorm room accessories, we've got you covered this holiday season! 

Girls Dorm Room Check List Posted on 19 Jun 00:00

Girls Dorm Room Check List

Planning what you need for your dorm room can be overwhelming, which is why we created the Dorm Decor Checklist so you can feel confident you have everything you need to make your dorm room your home away from home!

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The Freshman 15 - Things You Didn't Know You Needed Posted on 21 Feb 08:58

The Freshman 15 - Things You Didn't Know You Needed

15 Things you didn't know you needed. Fresh out of high school, you might not know the way of college life yet. Therefore, you might not be aware of what the college kids need to own now. Before you get to school, make sure you are prepared with what every college kid has in their everyday life. 


Choosing the Perfect College Posted on 08 Feb 11:31

Choosing the Perfect College

By: Kayleigh Mincer For seniors, the entire year seems to be based on ‘‘where are you going to school?’’ Senior year is when we begin applying and deciding which college is best for us to attend. Choosing the perfect college is one of the hardest decisions a teenager will ever make. You will face so much pressure from family, friends, and teachers and you are probably stressed about the prospect. If you’re like me and applied to over 20 schools, chances are you have a gargantuan decision to make. When choosing the perfect school for you, you have to “feel”...Continue Reading

The Man's Guide to Decorating a Dorm Room in 6 Easy Steps Posted on 27 Apr 11:40

The Man's Guide to Decorating a Dorm Room in 6 Easy Steps

by Robert Phillips Only Pack What You Are Going to Use Most men entering college bring much more than just the essentials (The essentials being xBox, Huge tv, netflix account, and maybe clothes and a toothbrush). However, much of the clutter associated with living in a dorm room can be eliminated by leaving things that you probably won’t use, such as the 80 xBox games you know you will never play, and clothes that you outgrew in the 8th grade. By packing light and only including clothes you wear often and games you play regularly, you save yourself and your...Continue Reading

How to Find the Perfect Roommate Posted on 27 Apr 11:39

How to Find the Perfect Roommate

photo via By Kaeleigh Starling For freshmen, or any college student living on campus really, finding a roommate that you will get along with is crucial! You want to make sure you find the perfect person because you will spend he majority of your time with them, so here are a few tips for finding the perfect roommate!   First things first: How are you going to search? As an incoming freshman you may have a limited amount of friends when starting college, if any. However, most schools take notice of this and take the extra step to create...Continue Reading

Senioritis Posted on 19 Apr 11:41


by Emery Herbert photo via As your final year of high school winds down and the senioritis becomes unbearable I am sure that every girl out there (much like myself) is filled with daydreams and fantasies of how the next four years are going to go. You imagine you and your new roommate becoming best friends. You imagine grabbing a coffee with the cute boy in your writing 121 class. You imagine studying hard in the library to ace that pop quiz your chem professor gives you. You’re basically living in your head and in your daydreams about college....Continue Reading

Dear Frantic Incoming Freshmen, Posted on 10 Apr 11:46

Dear Frantic Incoming Freshmen,

photo via pinterest If you’re an incoming freshmen, like me, a priority right now is probably finding a roommate. You're visualizing the perfect color-coordinated dorm room, and fantasizing about all of the fantastic experiences you will share with your new best friend and roomie. But before you can have all of these experiences, you must FIND a roommate. If you are spinning the roulette wheel and allowing your university to randomly choose your roommate, I applaud your brave approach. You are saving yourself the agony and aggravation that comes along with a roommate search. Personally I have terrible luck, so I decided...Continue Reading

How to Get Along with Your Roommate Posted on 03 Dec 23:00

How to Get Along with Your Roommate

Living with anyone can be a challenge, especially 18-year-old girls in close quarters who have never had to share space with anyone. Here’s how to head off trouble from the start. First, adjust your expectations. Rarely do roommates end up being best friends. Your goal should be to get along, respect and like each other. Next, be aware of the most common problems that arise between roommates and talk about them before you’re actually living together. If one of you is messy and the other is a clean freak decide on the front end how you’re going to deal with...Continue Reading