How to Find the Perfect Roommate

By Kaeleigh Starling

For freshmen, or any college student living on campus really, finding a roommate that you will get along with is crucial! You want to make sure you find the perfect person because you will spend he majority of your time with them, so here are a few tips for finding the perfect roommate!


First things first: How are you going to search?

As an incoming freshman you may have a limited amount of friends when starting college, if any. However, most schools take notice of this and take the extra step to create social media accounts where students of the same class can communicate and get to know each other so that when move in day comes we have the chance to at least have a few friends. In my opinion, this is the best way to search for a roommate! I found my roommate on my Class of 2019 Facebook page and it made the process and decision extremely easy! I was able to click on her name and view her profile to learn about her interests and hobbies, and of course see what she looked like! I then messaged her and got to know her a little better, and the rest is history! We now communicate regularly and we have been busy working on designing our dorm room! By using social media you can meet all sorts of people that have one thing in common with you: they are going to your school! Most of these people are also looking for a roommate, so post away and see who comes your way!


*If you are not a big fan of social media, several schools offer forums on their websites with students searching for roommates and this is also an extremely useful tool during the search!


Next Step: What are you looking for in a roommate?

Okay, so now you have decided how you will find your roommate, but what are you looking for? When looking for a roommate you first need to consider the practical things like cleanliness, schedule, bedtime, etc. Do you like to be perfectly organized at all times, or is a little clutter going to be okay during stressful times like exams? Are you looking for someone who is going to be hanging out in the dorm a lot, or are you looking for someone who is open to letting you have some personal space? Are you an early bird or a night owl? Questions like these are important to consider when looking for a roommate because the more alike you are in these aspects the more smoothly your living together will go! After you get the practical things out of the way, think about the fun stuff! What are your hobbies? Are you looking for someone who loves everything you love, or someone who is different that you can introduce your hobbies to and vice-versa? Once you decide that, you can ask your potential roommates what they think and narrow down your search and find someone perfect for you!


Big finale: Dorm Décor!

Once you have found your “Froomie” (future roomie), the two of you will need to take Dorm Décor’s Roommate Quiz to help start decorating your perfect dorm room!


Your college roommate will be someone that you remember forever. They will become someone that you share everything with, tell your secrets to, and someone you will learn to love! I hope that these tips help you to find someone who will become a forever friend!